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Blue Water

Let's work together.

WellCommit offers membership plans for health coaching, mobility training, stress management, and group yoga classes.  See below for details about each plan.  



Lindsey ,

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you.  When you saw me squirming in pain in a yoga class and offered me relief with acupressure in the right place, you were like an Angel . I have suffered with chronic wrist and shoulder pain for a years and I have used my knuckles to do most poses in yoga. I never believed I’d lay my hand flat again pain free, but today with your help and homework I can proudly say my hand lay flat, and my shoulder held me proudly. Lindsey , I have added the routine you gave me for homework into my day. I’d highly recommend you to everyone. Thank you again.


“Having had a lot of bodywork in my life, I say this from experience, Lindsay is special! She not only knew exactly what to do to relieve my pain, she knew where my pain was originating from. Thank you Lindsey for helping me out of pain and back into my life!”

~ Marianne W.



Lindsey took time to understand my varied health issues, and focused on the most important ones for my initial treatment. She explained every aspect of what was happening, and made me very comfortable with her competency. I trust her to help me with ongoing wellness. Thank you Lindsey!

- Ron W.



"Lindsey took the time to understand not only my immediate concerns but asked the right questions to uncover and address the underlying causes for my pain. She also gave me some great  stretches and recommendations to do at home until my next appointment."

~Jaime C


So appreciate the acupressure tx that Lindsey gave me. My sleep improved dramatically as well as my body aches. She is so caring and professional. I really appreciated the homework that she gave me and will be incorporating these pressure points and yoga postures into my daily routine. Thanks for your caring approach Lindsey!

- Yolande

Lindsey is a gifted wellness professional, and her acupressure sessions are a balance of compassion and professionalism. She quickly found all the places where my body holds tension, and spent time along the way to teach me how to work with these areas of my body (and gave me some homework!). Working with one of the points has been especially helpful even in just a few days’ time! I only wish I lived closer to Lindsey so that I could visit her for more acupressure sessions.

- Liz Gertz

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