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What does WellCommit offer?

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a partnership between the coach and client that uses motivational interviewing and positive psychology to promote health behavior change. Rather than telling you what you should be doing, your coach meets you where you are and helps to evoke your internal strengths and motivators to overcome current obstacles. Health coaching is a minimum of a 3-month commitment to allow you time and accountability to make the desired changes that improve your overall well-being. 

Ocean Rocks
Yoga Mat and Straps

Yoga Instruction

Whether you are brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, private instruction is a great way to refine your practice and make sure you are doing the poses correctly. Lindsey is trained in a variety of yoga styles, ranging from chair yoga to advanced arm balances and inversions. She will meet you where you are without judgment and confidence in your ability to be a yogi. 

Customized Stretching

We all know that stretching is good for us, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're motivated to do it on our own.  Lindsey will guide you through a customized stretching session that is safe and effective for your body.  You have the option to meet with her for a full-body stretching routine or she can tailor your session to focus on specific muscle groups.  All sessions are to reduce muscular tension and improve alignment.

Child's Pose
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