What is WellCommit?

Hi, I'm Lindsey Patton,

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. I grew up playing competitive sports and believe that exercise is non-negotiable for optimal well-being. Yoga, running, strength-training, and stretching are my go-to forms of movement, and I believe we can all find a likable type of exercise that suits our current lifestyle. I worked as a health coach and yoga instructor at a concierge doctor's office for four years and assisted patients with living healthier lifestyles, one small habit change at a time. I have a degree in psychology, and genuinely enjoy the behavior-change component of health coaching. As for yoga, I've been practicing since 2011 and am committed to being a lifelong student and teacher. I love welcoming beginners to their mats and truly believe that yoga is for every body.  


Why I started WellCommit

I started WellCommit in June 2021 to give clients a non-intimidating platform to provide services in three core areas in which I'm passionate about:  yoga, health coaching, and stretching.  I wanted to create a beginner-friendly environment where clients could feel comfortable learning yoga and stretching techniques in a private environment.  As for health coaching, I understand that we all want to be a little healthier, but changing habits can be challenging, particularly when we are lacking motivation, accountability, and resources needed to maintain results.  I'm trained and passionate about working as your guide, and am confident in your ability to achieve your desired level of health and well-being.

What's it like to work with me?

My priority as as your instructor and coach is to make you feel comfortable where you are today. I strive to understand WHY certain wellness goals are important to you as an individual rather than telling you what you should be doing. I truly enjoy developing connections with my clients, and am thankful for a psychology degree that allows me to better understand human behavior and reasons for motivation.  No matter where you begin, you can expect a personalized journey to improved mental and physical wellness!


Ready to get started?