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Blue Water

Health Coaching

It's human nature to want to be healthier, but it's not easy when you aren't quite sure what to do or where to start.  And even when we know what we "should" be doing, it doesn't necessarily mean we have the motivation to take action. 

Health coaching is for those who are thinking about making lifestyle changes and know they need support and accountability.  As your coach, my job is to meet you exactly where you are without judgment and help you develop new, healthy habits.  We'll work together to identify the barriers that leave you feeling stuck in old habits, and the motivators that enable you to make changes.

Areas of health coaching include, but aren't limited to:

  • Movement / Exercise

  • Nutrition, recipes, and cooking

  • Sleep health

  • Stress management

  • Physical environment

  • Personal relationships

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Aligning with your sense of purpose  

How do I know if health coaching is for me?

  • You feel confused by all of the conflicting theories about how to be healthy

  • You've tried to make changes on your own and are having difficulty staying consistent with new habits

  • Your doctor told you that you need to make lifestyle changes and you aren't sure where to start

  • You're ready to get help kicking the unhealthy habits that weigh you down

  • You're sick of feeling bad and are ready to start feeling better

Health coaching is a 6-month commitment because it takes time to instill new behavior patterns.  We will look at the big picture of your wellness vision and meet twice a month for the duration of six months to track your progress. 

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