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WellCommit classes are curated for a small group setting of no more than 5 students to enure blah blah blah

Yoga Basics

 Approachable offering for newcomers to try yoga in the company of other beginners.  Poses are broken down and taught at a slower pace to allow time for proper alignment.

Core, Balance, and Flexibility

My 3 most frequent requests as a health coach, so why not offer a class for these key areas?! You can expect basic yoga postures that focus on balance and alignment; exercises to strengthen and tone your core; and stretches to release tension in your body. 

Yoga for Golfers

Stretch and strengthen key muscles needed for your golf swing.  You can also expect to improve your breathing so you can stay cool under pressure when sinking your putts.

Restorative Yoga

Calm your mind and relax your body.  This style of yoga uses blankets, cushions, and props to maximize comfort to help reset your central nervous system.  Zero prior yoga experience required and sleeping in class is welcomed. 

Chair Yoga

 Accessible for all levels of fitness, and particularly appealing to those who prefer not to get up and down from the floor.  Traditional yoga postures taught with the support of a chair to help stabilize your balance and alignment.  

Vinyasa Yoga

A flowing style of yoga that connects movement to breath while moving from one posture to the next.  This is the most physical class offering and is recommended for those with some prior yoga experience.

Ready to get started?

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